Promotional Gift Supplier

We are a supplier and wholesaler of promotional gifts in Malaysia. is a website operated by IPC Gifts Sdn Bhd selling these corporate and premium gift items suitable as giveaways or promotional purposes. We have long established a systematic gift solution to ensure a timely delivery of your products right from the sourcing, printing, packaging of the gifts right up to the delivery to your doorstep. We try our very best to ensure the best quality and variety of product supplied.

Why should you choose us as your promotional gift supplier? It is because we are a focused company specializing in promotional gift and corporate gifts with a huge range of products due to our expert sources and knowledge, while still providing a very reasonable price, especially considering the level of service we provide. You may prefer to get a one-stop solution from your advertising agencies or event companies (that includes premium items as part of their package) but your options may be hindered and prices higher due to their lack of expertise and specialization.

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